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Pastors, ministers, prayer leaders and intercessors, join us for a unique gathering to equip and empower you to build a praying church. The Bible says “My house will be a house of prayer for all nations.” If prayer has become an after-thought for your church, you’re missing the greatest priority. We cannot effectively reach our communities and the nations until and unless we pray. A missional church is a praying church. Developing your church to live intentionally before God is a matter of survival.

We all want our church to be a praying church but we often don’t know how. Come and learn practical ways to lead your church to be a house of prayer in the 21st century. We want to put in your pocket tangible kingdom principles that can be reproduced and transferred to your unique settings. At this gathering, you will learn ...

  • How to pray toward an encounter with God.

  • The importance of ministering to the Lord.

  • Building a prayer team.

  • Launching an Upper Room.

... and much more!

Upcoming Cities

Van Buren, AR   Feb. 22-23, 2024

Building a Praying Church logo.
Fred Hartley in prayer.


For over 26 years the College of Prayer has been helping churches in more than 170 nations become houses of prayer for all nations. If you're tired of simply keeping the church machinery running and you have a desire to build a Presence based, Spirit-empowered house of prayer, you're in the right place. At the Building a Praying Church Conference we will provide practical, life-giving, Biblical principles on prayer.

People in prayer at College of Prayer event.
Jon Mitchell praying at a Building A Praying Church Conference.

Van Buren, AR

Join with other pastors and ministry leaders for two days of learning and experiencing what it means to build a God-exalting, Christ-encountering, Spirit-empowering, sin-crushing, satan-evicting house of prayer! We will have significant times of biblical teaching, high worship, and prayer.

COST: $45. Groups of 5+ are $40 per registrant. All registration includes a guidebook, boxed lunch on Friday, and snacks/drinks during breaks.

Van Buren
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